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Free Essay Paper Cultural Diversity

Ethical analysis of the American cultural diversity

Learning about cultural diversity and ways Americans perceive it has enabled me to appreciate various cultures. The knowledge that I have gained concerning variety of cultures has enabled me to relate with different people. Through this interaction, I got to know their culture and realized that they were not different with the Americans.

Analyzing different cultures, it is clear that by 2050 there are two possibilities that will depict how America will be. These possibilities rely on the performance of the US government. This first chance will be evident if the government decides to allow illegal immigrants to stay in the country. This will increase population and cultural diversity. The second possibility will be clear if the US leadership decides to implement useful measures. This is to prevent unlawful immigration. This implies that the rise in number of citizens would not be significant.

Cultural diversity in United States is a vital matter to evaluate. However, America encounters different problems that destabilize the concept of cultural diversity. One of the issues is that embracing different cultures erodes original practices in America. Another challenge is that there will be barrier to understand different languages. This is because English is the major language that is adopted in the education system. Furthermore, the idea of cultural diversity may subject Americans to lack jobs and erode their unity (Luther, Lepre, & Clark, 2011).

Conversely, cultural diversity has advantages that include appreciation of different cultures by Americans. Furthermore, Americans will be exposed to different skills from different cultures and live in harmony with other nationalities. The media is also helpful in embracing different cultures by use of educative programs to create awareness to the public. It is vital for Americans to embrace cultural diversity to prevent stereotyping other races. Personally, I choose to value different cultures regardless of its benefits and limitation to enhance harmony.




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Cultural Diversity in the Healthcare Field Essay examples

1459 WordsNov 24th, 20106 Pages

Cultural Diversity in the Healthcare field

The Many Faces of Healthcare Cultural Diversity in the Healthcare Field
Carl Hooks
Rasmussen College

Author Note
This research is being submitted on September 16, 2010, for Vicky Philips English class at Rasmussen College by Carl Hooks

Cultural diversity in the medical field is, at times, greatly hindered because of religious beliefs, language barriers, and the hierarchies of diverse cultures and these have the propensity to affect the continuity of care for the patients. “Every person has different aspects that constitute their identities, according to how they see themselves….This means that seeing an individual in terms of…show more content…

Family members, at times, can be of great assistance, but then HIPPA comes into play. The patient may not want a particular family member to know about their health problems. The language barrier does inhibit sufficient care, and this should be addressed with the utmost of care and consideration for both the medical staff and patient.

Insuring that the patient fully understands what is being done to them is of great importance. As patients, they have the right to understand what is being done and why. Informed consent must be given; the patient should be able to repeat what they have been informed of before the procedure is done. Currently “only 33 percent of U.S. hospitals have quality improvement efforts underway to improve the quality of their language access programs.” (Armand and Hubbard, 2010). The goal of the interpreter is to assure that the LEP patient has no doubts or concerns and totally understands what is going to happen, why, and any options they may have.

Understanding the hierarchy of the family is imperative in understanding the functions of the family unit. With some familiarity with the different cultures in a given community, a medical professional will be able to ascertain who the head of the household is. The head of the household differs from culture to culture, as such, “misunderstandings which include but are not limited to the involvement of the male in all aspects of health care

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