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Bsm1501 Assignment 2 Intrapreneurship

BSM1501/101/3/2017 36 The enterprise is located in a busy street, which makes it clearly visible to passers-by. Lindie’s husband also put up a big billboard in front of the shop. Lindie decided not to advertise in baby magazines as her competitors do, as a single advertisement can cost as much as R6 000. She established a website for free on which she advertises her clothing and accessories. The name of her business, her website and her contact details are also displayed on her car. However, most of Lindie’s clients are referrals from previous, satisfied clients. MULTIPLE-CHOICE QUESTIONS We recommend submitting your assignment online on myUnisa. You may also use a mark-reading sheetto answer and submit the assignment. Chapter 1 1. Lindie Pretorius could be classified as a/an _______. 1) intrapreneur 2) entrepreneur 3) small business manager 4) corporate entrepreneur 2. Vicky, who suggested that they shouldmake accessories such as baby shoes, hairbands and diaper bags,could be classified as a/an _______. 1) intrapreneur 2) entrepreneur 3) small business manager 4) franchisee 3. Lindie registered Buttons and Bows Baby Boutiqueas a sole proprietorship. A disadvantage of a formal enterpriseis that Lindie _______. 1) will struggle to obtain finance 2) does not have to pay tax 3) does not have to keep financial records 4) has to pay tax

INF1505/101/3/2017 3 1 INTRODUCTION Dear Student Welcome to INF1505. We hope that you will find your studies stimulating, meaningful and enriching. You will be well on your way to success if you start studying early in the semester so that you have enough time to submit your assignments, complete the online activities and prepare for the examination. Because this is a fully online module, you will need to use myUnisa to study and complete the learning activities for this course. Visit the website for INF1505 on myUnisa frequently. The website for your module is INF1505-17-S1 for semester 1 and INF1505-17-S2 for semester 2. 2 PURPOSE OF AND OUTCOMES 2.1 Purpose This module covers the latest information technologies, practices and trends. The text uses real-world examples and case studies, providing skills and knowledge that are easily transferable to the business world. After studying this module, students will be able to apply information technology (IT) concepts in their lives, identify different classes of business information systems, and understand systems development and information systems in business and the wider society. This module provides fundamental introductory knowledge, skills and values which will support further studies and applications in the sector of information technology, computer science and commerce. This module is delivered using myUnisa and the internet as well as peer group interaction; community engagement is also included in some of the activities. Your lecturers will interact with you on myUnisa and via e-mail. 2.2 Outcomes For this module, you will have to master several outcomes: Specific outcome 1: Learners are able to apply foundations of information systems in organisations.