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Animal Shelter Photo Essay

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend. But they are often neglected and left to die by their owners in places around the world.

On the streets of India, people treat them in the worst possible manner. Throwing stones, kicking and abusing them by all means. But there are some people who take care of these innocent creatures. They feed them and give shelter. This is a series on one such couple, Arun Pasare and his wife Suvarna Pasare, who have been taking care of street dogs for the past 9 years.

Suvarna Pasare cooks the food for the dogs at their home. They have 5 dogs in total. All were strays earlier. All of them were rescued from the streets by Arun.

I am an animal lover by heart. But I have not been so helpful to them until I met Arun Pasare. His way of life helped me to see all the wonderful animals in a different way. Since then, I have been helping out strays the way I can. Arun’s determination has led me realize what we as a society should mold ourselves into in order to help those animals around us.

About the author: Meghanadan A S is a photographer based in India. You can find his work on SocialDocumentary and on Instagram.

Over the past 10 years, FixNation has significantly expanded its scope and services – and we plan to continue doing so in the decade ahead. We’re helping in more ways than ever, but our mission remains unchanged – we strive to make the world a better place for ALL our feline friends, especially those with no place to call home. Here are some of our latest initiatives:



FixNation not only offers free spay/neuter services for homeless cats, we also rescue tame cats that are doomed to be euthanized in local shelters. Our customized van transports these red-listed kitties to local and out-of-state nonprofits seeking adoptable animals.


FixNation works in close partnership with the ASPCA, Wings of Rescue, and Alaska Airlines to coordinate airlifts to communities that have – believe it or not – an acute shortage of friendly, adoptable cats.


FixNation is a model TNR program for many other communities, not just in the U.S. but overseas as well. Last year, Let the Animals Live, the largest animal welfare organization in Israel, sent staff and volunteers to LA where they spent two weeks shadowing the FixNation medical team and learning how to run a successful high-volume spay/neuter clinic.


Cats on Pawtrol
FixNation is partnering with local rescue organization Kitten Rescue to launch an exciting new working cat program in 2018. The goal is to rescue feral cats from “Death Row” at shelters and relocate them to wineries and farms looking for pesticide-free rodent control. This innovative partnership was inspired by the legacy of FixNation co-founder Mark Dodge, who passed away earlier this year.


In addition to providing free spay/neuter surgeries to homeless cats and discounted services for pet cats, FixNation also loans humane traps to the public and offers free education, training, advice and information on the care and management of feral colonies.


When you make a gift to FixNation, you’ll help improve the lives of our feline friends while supporting our Trap-Neuter-Return mission – proven to be the most humane and effective way to naturally reduce the number of homeless and feral kitties living on the streets. Thank you for supporting FixNation!